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Invoice Template - Canva

Invoice Template - Canva


Invoice template compatible with Canva. Folder with free fonts included in download.


The only invoice you’ll ever need.


This invoice template will give you peace of mind and help you confidently invoice for all the amazing work you have done.

As a creative freelancer or contractor, you need an invoice template that not only looks great but also represents your brand. Look no further than our customizable invoice template designed specifically for the creative industry.


This template is for you if you’re looking to:

  • Feel confident when you invoice

  • Stand out from the crowd

  • Impress your clients

  • Looking to get into freelance work but don’t know where to start!


How to Use:

Once you complete your purchase, you will gain immediate access to the invoice template. It has been designed to assist you in creating professional and detailed invoices that are clear for your clients and facilitate prompt payment. You can choose to print the invoice or save it as a PDF to easily email it to your clients. For Canva users: Just follow the provided Canva link, input your information, and customize the template to match your brand's colors and fonts, if desired. The design has been carefully crafted to give your invoices a polished look. Once customized, save and export the template as a PDF, and you're all set to send it out!


Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges. 


The digital product provided on this website is strictly non-transferable and may not be resold or redesigned in any form. Any attempt to sublicense, modify, or commercially exploit the product in a way that competes with the original is strictly prohibited.

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